Each year, students at UASCJ take educational overnight trips.  The school and the students' families split the cost of these excursions.  Field trips to historic locations and universities can be a great way to engage students in learning and to reinforce the importance of higher education.

Frost Valley

Last December, 40 UASCJ high school students earned the privilege to attend a four-day, three-night leadership retreat at Frost Valley, in the Catskill Mountains.  Students who earned the most "C.O.R.E." points, were invited to attend.  Students went hiking, rock climbing, ziplining and even learned to use a map and compass!  We hope to make this a UASCJ winter tradition. 


Summer Experiences

Meaningful summer experiences are an important part of preparing for college.  To that end, we work to help students enroll in summer programs that are arts-based, academic or exercise-oriented.  Here is a list of a few of the programs in which UASCJ students are participating in the summer of 2015:

 Camp Fuller

Camp Herrlich

Phillips Exeter Summer Program

Smack Mellon Arts Program

Steve’s Camp

Trailblazers Camp

UASCJ Summer Research Initiative

Participation and funding for these programs are made possible in part by the UASCJ Advisory Board, a group of committed community members and supporters, Urban Assembly and the Martin Tackel and Abby Raven Foundation.