Sage Norman, Middle School Dean/Special Education Coordinator

Ms. Norman grew up Portland, Oregon and has a deep love for the Pacific Northwest. She attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Spanish Literature. Ms. Norman is a Teach for America alumna and earned her Masters of Science in Education at The City College of New York. She is currently a Wallace Fellow at Bank Street College of Education pursuing an additional degree in school leadership. Ms. Norman loves to travel, bike ride, attend concerts, cook, and read. She loves teaching and learning from her students and colleagues at UASCJ! This will be her seventh year at UASCJ. After teaching sixth grade for five years, Ms. Norman transitioned into the full-time Dean and Special Education Coordinator in the 2013-2014 school year.

Corie Migliozzi, Assistant Dean / School Aide

Ms. Corie is a tremendous asset to our building. She provides physical, nutritional and emotional support to both students and staff on a daily basis. Ms. Corie handles many of our administrative, secretarial, social and emotional tasks throughout the building, earning the title of “stepmom” from many of our girls. With Ms. Corie as such a team player, the school is much more friendly and efficient.

Ms. Bonet the Parent Coordinator

Ms. Bonet

 Ms. Bonet is very excited to be the Parent Coordinator at UASCJ! She's a graduate of Berkeley College with a BA in Marketing. Ms. Bonet has always had an interest in working with schools, children and their families. Throughout the years, she has volunteered as a Nursery school teacher assistant, sub-teacher, the Spanish Club teacher; served on both PTA & SLT; and helped with the success of a number of fundraisers including book sales, bake sales, car washes, Chinese Auctions, and Bingo & Casino Night.

On her personal time, Ms. Bonet is a lover of fitness. Working out everyday, and running up to 3 miles daily. She also loves to cook for her family and friends; discovering new recipes and creating new dishes to share with those she loves. Ms. Bonet lives with her husband, daughter (who's UASCJ graduate) and their corgi mix dog Lady in Sheepshead, Brooklyn.