The Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice seeks to prepare young women for college success.  We provide an academically rigorous curriculum that reflects the core set of knowledge and skills necessary for admissions to and graduation from the nation’s top universities.  Embracing the theme of criminal justice, we develop our students into critical thinkers who rely on evidence, logic and sound reasoning to formulate ideas and to support them.  These critical thinking skills will serve them well in any field they eventually choose to pursue.  Our school community allows adolescents to transition into adulthood in an environment which supports emotional, physical and intellectual growth.



Progress Reports help parents, teachers, principals, and school communities understand schools' strengths and weaknesses. Progress Reports grade each school with an A, B, C, D, or F and are based student progress (60%), student performance (25%), and school environment (15%). Scores are based on comparing results from one school to a peer group of up to 40 schools with the most similar student population and to all schools citywide. (from DOE website)


On the most recent Progress Report, UASCJ received an “A” 

The NYC School Survey helps school leaders understand what key members of the school community say about the learning environment at each school. The information captured by the survey is designed to support a dialogue among all members of the school community about how to make the school a better place to learn.  New York City parents, students, and teachers reached new all-time participation highs on the 2011 School Survey. 960,191 surveys were submitted. Feedback gathered by the survey is aggregated at the citywide level and also summarized and reported for each individual school.  (from the DOE site)

Mariela Graham, Founding Principal

Mariela Graham is the principal of the Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice. Prior to founding this school, she was a middle school Social Studies and Math teacher in Washington Heights. For three years, she was also the Student Council adviser and Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) prep coordinator. She has taught bilingual, English/Spanish, classes as well. Ms. Graham holds a BA from Duke University and an EdM from Teachers College where she is currently pursuing a PhD in Education Leadership.

Ms. Graham was born in Lima, Peru and was raised in New Rochelle, New York. She currently lives with her husband and three children in Inwood, Manhattan.